Success is not a coincidence, but a rather an outcome of planning and persistence. In addition, success requires diverse mental resources.

My Success Training can be produced either as a group training for a number of people, or as a personal coaching for one person. Here I will give an introduction of the Success Training as a group training.

Success Training – like practically all trainings – are based on the evaluation of the clients’ goals. When the desired outcomes are clear and well-formed, we will work together to find the best available means to reach them.

We all define by ourselves what success means to us, and although Success Training is therefore a unique process for each and every one of us, as a basic ground, we will deal with four important elements of success that each participant will apply to their own needs. These four basic elements are:

  1. What do you want (your goals)?
  2. Why do you want it (your motivation and meaning)?
  3. What is stopping/has stopped you from achieving your goals (your beliefs and resources)?
  4. How to achieve your goals (strategies, actions and behaviors)?

Success Training differs from Life Coaching mostly in its effectiveness and quickness to get results. In Life Coaching, a coach will help the client to recognize the answers that they already possess inside by asking questions. A Success Coach has, in addition to the question techniques, a vast number of other techniques – all the way from NLP to different kinds of visualizations techniques, trances and even hypnosis – through which the clients can access the resources of their unconscious mind in a more profound way.

It is important to realize that the meaning of Success Training is not to increase stress in clients. On the contrary: One of the most important goals of Success Coaching is that the desired success is achieved in a way that improves also the overall quality of life. Genuine success can be achieved only when we are able to enjoy our success. Therefore, genuine success also calls for happiness.

Who Are Suited for Success Training?

Success Training is suitable for everyone who wants to achieve better results and more success in a long term. Success Training has been successfully utilized by:

  • corporate executives
  • athletes and sports coaches
  • entrepreneurs
  • students
  • seekers of life change
  • managers
  • teachers
  • artists
  • plus many others

Investment in personal development produces long term benefit and success. What do you want to achieve? Contact me to find out how to make it possible:


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