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The Road to Success and HappinessWould you like to see yourself being more successful? How would it feel to be happier? Sounds good but you just don’t know how to do it?

Some of us would like to see a way out of stress and the rat race, others would like to feel more inner peace and confidence, and still others do know what they want, but just can’t seem to find ways and means to get it.

Eventually, we all define ourselves what success and happiness mean to us. The Road to Success and Happiness is a nine-week video coaching program, created by me, Hannu Pirilä, that will help you to achieve the success and happiness that you want.


I will introduce you the six steps and factors by which anyone can increase their level of happiness and success, regardless of your current situation. And it is not any kind of rocket science, but really a series of practical advice and exercises. However unhappy or happy, unsuccessful or successful you are at the moment, this coaching program will be of great benefit to you.

The coaching program consists of nine weekly emails which each contain a link to a 30-to-60-minute coaching video, in which I will coach you to achieve those things in life that are important to you. The videos are to be downloaded to your own computer, so you can watch them whenever and as often as you like. In addition to the videos, the program includes useful, exuberant and practical exercises, of which some are in pdf or MP3 formats. Like the videos, also the MP3 exercises are to be downloaded, so can listen to them as often as you like.

To get more familiar with the coaching program, please watch the introduction video below:

If you experience some or any of the following challenges, this coaching program is for you:

  • life too busy to enjoy it
  • you feel you have the potential for something more, but you can’t seem to get it out
  • the money you earn doesn’t seem to cover all your expenses
  • you desire a change but, at the same time, you are afraid of it
  • life is lacking a true meaning
  • you are lacking a genuine plan that will take you toward a happier and more successful life
  • life is lacking well-being and pleasure


”What if I don’t have time for all kinds of coaching programs?”

Naturally, it is totally up to you how much you are willing to invest of your time on your self-development and on achieving success in your life. An hour or two, however, will get you already pretty far on your journey. Anyone can find that time if they want, can’t you? Besides, during this program, I will also teach you how to arrange things in a way that you will find more time for those things that are important to you, so that you won’t have to do them in a constant hurry, either.

This whole nine-week coaching program will only cost you USD 57.00 (incl. VAT). That is really a ridiculously small investment, compared to what you can achieve with the help of this program.

The choice is yours. Do you want your life to stay the same? Or do you want to make improvements to your life?

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