About Me

HannuPirilä1I have a background as an executive in the hotel and restaurant industry, from where I moved to consulting business in 2004. I have an eMBA diploma and a BSc degree and in 2009 I had the honor of becoming an Accredited Associate of IIB (Institute for Independent Business). In addition to Finland, my native country, I have also worked in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Russia, China and North America.

In 2009 I founded my Business Advisory and Consulting practice HPA Consulting, based in Finland. Since then, I have consulted, adviced and coached more than a hundred companies and entrepreneurs in different countries.

Richard Bandler & Hannu Pirila March 2011 with textI first came in touch with personal development in the mid 1990’s. Since then my passion for personal growth has gradually grown during the years. Some of my studies include several certified courses with Dr Richard Bandler (the co-creator of NLP) and John and Kathleen LaValle, more than a year (2010-2011) under Bob Proctor (probably best known from the movie The Secret) in his coaching program and several courses with Bill Harris (also known from The Secret, as well as the creator of Holosync meditation technology).

I have an encompassing training in business, NLP and coaching, including:

  • eMBA (executive Master of Business Administration) (2006)
  • Licensed Master Trainer of NLPTM for Business (2023)
  • Licensed NLP Coaching TrainerTM (2022)
  • Licensed Trainer of NLP® (2011, 2013, 2015)
  • Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP® (2010)
  • Licensed Practitioner of NLP® (2010)
  • Licensed Business Master Practitioner of NLPTM (2015)
  • Licensed Business Practitioner of NLPTM (2010)
  • Licensed NLP CoachTM (2010)
  • Licensed Sports Performance CoachTM (2011)
  • Specialist Practitioner of Neuro-Hypnotic RepatterningTM (2013)
  • Licensed LAB ProfileTM Practitioner (2010)
  • Mental Coach® (2013)

Bob Proctor and Hannu Pirila on Stage 28052011 with textToday I work as a Business Consultant and Business Coach, as well as an NLP Trainer and NLP Coach, as a Speaker in seminars and other events and as a Mental Sports Coach.

On the business side, I have consulted publicly listed companies as well as private entrepreneurs. On the sports coaching side, I have been a Mental Coach for junior basketball teams as well as for professional soccer teams, for amateur tennis players as well as for a World Champion in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). In addition, I have helped numerous people to get rid of their fear of flying, quit smoking, lose weight and do a number of other significant changes in order to improve their lives.

In my free time, I play basketball, practice and teach martial arts (hapkido and taekwondo) and do other sports. Occasionally I can also be seen, and heard, as a singer in a rock band.

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