Coaching for Athletes & Performers

Until now, mental coaching for athletes and performers has been a rather elitist service for the top people, carefully protected by the psychologists. This has given mental coaching its prestigious image – something that only the best athletes and performers have had the privilege to enjoy, although other people have needed it just as well. After all, the beauty of sports and performances is in their purest nature: in the struggle within yourself and your best performance, and of course in the enjoyment of training, practicing, competing and performing.

I offer mental coaching that can give you the abilities you need to achieve more, perform better or just enjoy your sport or art more. I will work on the mental side of your sport or art, using proven methods and techniques that will help you with your mental challenges. Most of the techniques I use are generic and therefore not tied to any particular sport or art. That is why I can work with all kinds of athletes and performers – just like with anyone who wishes to utilize their abilities on a higher level, regardless of the context.

I have split mental coaching into two main themes: Success Coaching and Peak Performance Coaching.

Peak Performance - Success Coaching

The difference between Success Coaching and Peak Performance Coaching is not set in stone, but rather a line drawn into the water. This means that many of methods of Success Coaching work also on Peak Performance Coaching and vice versa.

In addition to Success and Peak Performance, I naturally help athletes and performers also in other needs of mental coaching.

Success Coaching

The supporting idea behind Success Coaching is to coach the client to create their own success strategy. In Success Coaching, we will work on your goals, motivation, beliefs, mental states and, above all, on the strategies that serve your success in the best possible way.

Peak Performance Coaching

Peak Performance Coaching, on the other hand, emphasizes primarily the optimization of competitions or other events that require your best performance. I will coach you to be the best that you can be when it is needed the most, achieve the state of flow, where everything happens with unbelievable ease and maximum capacity.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be able to perform and succeed even better in your sport or art?

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