More peak performances, less failures

More peak performances, less failures

Have you ever wondered what makes the real difference in sports? Have you noticed how some athletes have the ability to – although not being a favorite and against the odds – win important competitions? Or how some people just have the ability to win every competition, time after time, again and again?

I am a Licensed Sports Performance CoachTM who helps athletes – or whoever aims for peak performances – to achieve those results and success. My Peak Performance Coaching is designed to help individual athletes, sports teams, performers and other people in their mental training. The Peak Performance Coaching enables you the achievement of your loftiest dreams – of maybe even something more!

Having the Licensed Sports Performance Coach™ certificate means that I have acquired skills and know-how on fields like coaching, mental training, motivation, goal setting, concentration, modeling, exceeding limits and reaching the state of flow. In other words: skills on how to create winners.

Who Is The Peak Performance Coaching Meant for?

There are at least three main target groups for Peak Performance Coaching, and mental training in general:

  • you, who want to improve your game or results in any kind and any level of sport
  • you, who want to improve your results as a trainer or a coach
  • you, who want to perform at your peak level, whether it is in performing arts, in any other kind of performance or presentation, or in any area of life that requires occasional peak performances


 ”We used Hannu Pirilä’s skills in mental training, as a part of FC Honka’s Finnish Premier Football League team’s comprehensive preparation during the fall season of 2011. It was a pleasure to work with Hannu. Especially from his LAB Profiles, I got several useful pieces of advice and insights on how to coach the players as individuals, how to communicate with them in a way that motivates them to practice better and how to communicate in a way that helps me to get my message through to them in a best possible way. Thanks to Hannu for a good cooperation!”

-Mika Lehkosuo, Head Coach, FC Honka


We all know it. We’ve seen it so many times and we will continue to see it over and over again: An athlete, who is in top form, underperforms suddenly in an important competition. Or those super talents, who never, for whatever reason, never make it to the top.

Sports and exercising are a part of your life today, whether it is just to keep your functions running or whether you are an amateur or professional athlete. That is why it is vitally important that you can concentrate and focus your attention on what is the most important to you.

What will you learn?

The list is long and comprehensive and it also varies depending on your goals and needs, but to mention a few, you will learn how to reach the state of flow, overcome your mental barriers, create the winner’s state of mind, endure pressures, find your own mental preferences, and utilize visualization, relaxation or possibly many other methods. Whatever will work for you.

To ensure the best possible outcome, I recommend that we also discuss with your regular coach or trainer about your training. That way we can make sure that the cooperation in all areas of your development is as smooth as possible.

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