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The CFO asks the CEO: “What happens if we invest in coaching and training our staff and then they leave?”

CEO: “What happens if we don’t invest and they stay?”

I have a wide variety of coaching and trainings that are tailored to companies, teams and groups of people. These trainings are not old-fashioned lectures, but rather interactive and motivational learning events.

In addition to pre-planned and conceptualized topics, I also create trainings that are targeted to the individual needs of the audience. The main focus is always on the objectives and needs of the client.

Some of the most popular trainings include:

Feedback on my group coaching and trainings:

“I have been really satisfied with Flow Mental Training’s business coaching. I highly recommend them to others as well.”

Tomi Björck, Restaurateur/Chef, BW-Restaurants Oy

“Hello Hannu,

Our workplace well-being group received positive feedback from the afternoon you led, it was a very welcome, productive and refreshing opportunity to reflect and concretely work on the factors that make work run smoothly. The afternoon also fulfilled the need to creatively and concretely promote the common interaction of the entire unit.

Kirsi M., Helsinki

“I think I’ve learned to turn my thoughts into positive ones… I wouldn’t have believed that about myself, because I’ve always judged myself in my thoughts. My thoughts have slowly turned in a more positive direction. Now that I’ve reached one stage, it’s easy to believe that achieving other things isn’t difficult either… My thoughts have seen things in order and the end result is crystal clear, so I haven’t panicked when facing problems. I have acted. And achieved my goal.

Problems used to make me panic, I’ve learned to calm my mind and look at the situation in a new light. A person cannot act in a panic. I have learned to think that problems are places for revision, not failures.

I have also learned to look closely at realities. To think about what is not important and what is important. This is how I have reached the desired outcome.”

– Salina H., Vantaa

“After taking that course, things have started to happen in many areas. And really positive things. Thanks!”

Jarno R., Helsinki

“Thank you Hannu!

Yesterday was a useful training. Although many things were familiar to me, the practical reflection and planning made the day very rewarding. I even ordered your book so that my husband can also get to know your practical working model.”

Arja P., Helsinki

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