Burnout, Boreout or Flow

Burnout can be described as an extreme, long-lasting stressful situation. Burnout symptoms often appear as a state similar to depression and the inability to do anything at all.

Boreout, on the other hand, is a long-lasting state of total boredom, the symptoms of which are very similar to burnout.

Between these two extremes, as it were, there is an extremely enjoyable state of Flow, where work and tasks go efficiently and effortlessly.

So how do you avoid burnout and boreout states? And how to enable access to the flow mode as often and easily as possible?

Burnout, Boreout or Flow Training gives you the tools for more efficient and enjoyable performance, whether it’s research work, sales work, project work, sports performance or, for example, house cleaning. The training also helps e.g. coping at work, achieving peak performance, mental well-being and general improvement of the quality of life.

The Burnout, Boreout or Flow Training Covers e.g. The Following Topics:

  • Prerequisites for achieving flow state
  • Setting goals
  • Motivation and values
  • Beliefs and their importance to our results
  • Living in the moment
  • The importance of emotional states to our results
  • Rewarding work
  • The importance of self-control

The training is suitable especially for those who want to achieve good results without constant stressful situations and who want more mental well-being in their lives. The training gives the participants practical work tools both for their own lives and for leading others.

After the training, the participants will have practical skills to help both themselves and others to reach the flow state more easily in different contexts.