Creativity and Creative Strategies

When we need to make a change, have fresh thoughts and new strategies, we need to give up the old way of thinking – at least to some extent. By doing the same things in the same way, we can only achieve the same results. When we want different results, something has to change.

Changes and new kinds of strategies call for creative thinking and creative actions.

Creativity and Creative Strategies Training will teach the participants how to get into a creative state of mind, how to start a creative process for a desired outcome or purpose and how to create a clear plan in order to implement this desired outcome or purpose.

In the training, we will go through the so-called Disney Model, which Walt Disney used successfully to produce a huge number of block buster movies and other products and services. Creativity and Creative Strategies Training is excellent for any person who wants to learn to generate ideas, create something new and implement practically anything. The model you will learn in the training can be applied, among other things, to company’s strategy creation, product and service creations and planning your own life. The training is very useful for everyone who is looking for better serving and more efficient methods to act in order to achieve their goals.

The training contains practical and useful NLP techniques and exercises that will help the participants to get into the appropriate states of mind for different stages of the creation, planning and implementation processes.

In the training we will address, among other things, the following subjects:

After the training, the participants will posses skills and readiness to master creative processes and implementations in different life situations.


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