Goals and How to Achieve Them

All our actions and behaviors have some kind of goal or purpose behind them. Therefore, wouldn’t it be quite useful if the goals that guide our actions, were purposeful and took us toward the right direction, toward things that are important to us?

Goals and How to Achieve them training will give the participants the keys to well-formed goal setting and tools on how to achieve them.

The training is for everyone who needs a clearer direction, better motivation or tools on how to set and achieve meaningful goals, whether they are regarding work, free time or practically any area of life. The training can also be easily tailored for any particular context.

The training contains practical and useful NLP techniques which will help the participants in creating an explicit plan to achieve their goals and desired outcomes.

In the training we will address, among other things, the following subjects:

  • The meaning of goals as guides in our lives
  • The meaning of goals as guides on our actions and behaviors
  • The meaning and functions of our brain’s Reticular Activating System and internal guidance system
  • The five principles of well-formed goals
  • The power of focus
  • The motivating purpose of goals
  • Creating a plan to achieve goals
  • Setting of goals and sub goals
  • Limiting beliefs as barriers to achieving our goals
  • Required actions and behaviors to achieve our goals

After the training, the participants will have at least one well-formed goal, an explicit plan for its achievement and a motivation for the planned action.

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