Influential Communication

We all communicate through our sensory system. Between our reciprocal communication, however, we have a huge number of different kinds of filters, that filter all the information that is available to our senses. I addition, we have a vast amount of internal systems and models, against which we compare the incoming information. These internal systems and models that we have influence the way we relate to the messages that are being sent to us.

So, how do we communicate to different kinds of people – who all have different kinds of filters, internal systems and models – in a way that our messages go through the way we want them to go through?

The Influential Communication Training will teach the participants practical skills and tools on how to recognize these filters, internal systems and models, and use them as tools on how to communicate in an influential way to people.

The training is suitable for all who want to sell products, services, ideas of thoughts or who act in managerial, executive or PR positions or as teachers. The communication training is as beneficial for the corporate executives as it is for teachers and service industry professionals.

The training contains practical and useful NLP techniques and exercises that will help the participants to recognize people’s internal systems, traits and motivators. I will also teach how to utilize the skills on communicating and influencing people.

In the training we will address, among other things, the following subjects:

  • The function and significance of our representational system
  • The significance of rapport in communication
  • Establishing rapport between people
  • Recognizing and utilizing people’s motivators
  • Recognizing and utilizing people’s traits
  • Hypnotic language patterns and their utilization

After the training, the participants will posses skills and tools on how to recognize people’s thinking and behavior patterns, how to establish rapport and how to communicate in an influential way.

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