LAB Profile (Language and Behavior Profile)

How to sell successfully in a constantly changing environment? How do you motivate all employees of a company, now and in the future? How to implement a process of change in a way that everyone understands the reasons behind the it and also commit to the new procedures?

Above, were just a few examples of the questions that we encounter in most companies and organizations.

Regardless of whether we want to remove an obstacle or a problem from our way, or whether we want to set new, more challenging goals, we need to ensure that the conditions for profitable growth, existence of business and other functions are met. In addition to that, we need to make sure that people and the whole organization are able to keep up with the ever accelerating speed and that they continue to develop their know-how, regardless of the current situation, while still keeping their commitment to the company/organization.

Countless number of studies has shown that what you say to a person plays a very small role in how the person experiences the message. What is much more important, is how you state your message and what kind of feelings your non-verbal communication awakens in the person receiving your message.

LAB ProfileTM is a unique and reasonably new product that is rapidly gaining more and more popularity and appreciation both in Europe and in North-America. With the help of LAB ProfileTM you can learn to lead and influence people and organizations imperceptibly. By listening to the structure of someone’s language and by reading their non-verbal communication, you are able to find out what is their natural way of behaving in different situations and contexts.

LAB ProfileTM is the right product for the following situations, for example:

  • Establishing rapport between people and making communicating easy
  • Painless implementation of changes in an organization
  • Shortening of sales cycles and increasing of customer satisfaction
  • Creating successful marketing campaigns
  • Recruiting the right people
  • To significantly improve results in negotiations and reduce disagreements
  • To help performance appraisals, professional guidance and sparring
  • To increase awareness of self and others
  • To help create successful teams by emphasizing their strengths instead of their weaknesses

Tailored LAB ProfileTM analyses and trainings are employer’s investment to a very valuable resource: the correctly fitting and highly motivated staff. Fitting people make the performance of a company/community. The higher the individual’s or team’s performance, well-being and motivation are, the better results they achieve. LAB ProfileTM is an efficient tool in improving the staff’s energy level, motivation, volition, cooperativeness and communication.


”I ordered LAB ProfilesTM from Hannu Pirilä over the B to B Sales Mangers of Restel Hotel Group and myself. Hannu performed the profiles efficiently and delivered a clear summary of the profiles, which we went through in feedback meetings. In addition to the fact that the profiled managers found the profiling itself and the immediate feedback from the profiles to be very interesting and motivating, the profiles have proven to be very useful in performance appraisals, organizational plannings, supervision of work and general communication, among other things.

I highly recommend Hannu’s LAB profiling to everyone who wants to improve communication within their organizations and understanding of their staff members.”

Jan-Erik Lagerström 
Director of Sales 
Restel Oy 
(Restel is Finland’s leading hotel and restaurant corporate with 49 hotels and 240 restaurants nationwide.)


In a nutshell, LAB ProfileTM provides a unique tool for interaction and influencing the human mind. It is an instrument that produces results and which can be used on a daily bases.

In addition to being a Licensed LAB ProfileTM Practitioner, I am presumably the most experienced LAB Profiler in Finland with more than 200 performed LAB ProfilesTM. In addition to many company and community employees, I have done LAB ProfilesTM for many amateur and professional athletes. Not only have the profiled persons felt that they received interesting and useful information about themselves and their motivation and working traits, their superiors and coaches received through the profiles excellent tools, by which they have been able to improve the motivation and work satisfaction of their staff and athletes.


”We took advantage of Hannu Pirilä’s know-how on the field of mental sports coaching, as a part of FC Honka’s Premier League soccer team’s comprehensive preparation during the fall season of 2011. Hannu was pleasurable to work with and I received, especially from the LAB ProfilesTM he performed to all players,  several useful hints and insights on how to coach the members of the team also as individuals, and how to communicate with them in a way that motivates them and that my message goes through to them in the best possible way. Thanks to Hannu for a good collaboration!”

– Mika Lehkosuo, Head Coach, FC Honka


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