Peak Performance Training

Peak performance is not a sole right of peak performers. Also others, than just top athletes and world class performers, need experiences of their own peak performances.

We all have our own, even small, peak performances that bring us pleasure, excitement and support to our life. Without these big and small peak performances we might feel that there is “something” missing from our life. Without these moments of peak performances of our own, our life can easily become boring, monotonous and dull, can’t it?

Success at almost anything requires practically always some kinds of peak performances. We will all have occasions in our life when we would like to perform at our best possible level. To some, it could be a sports competition at any level, to someone else an appearance in front of an audience, and yet to another a matter of getting through an everyday chore briskly, effectively and successfully.

Peak Performance Training will give the participants a good understanding of the mental demands of peak performances, as well as practical tools on how to build a congenial mental state for a peak performance.

Peak Performance Training is suitable for all who need peak performances in their work or hobbies – performances when you will need to seize the knowledge and know-how you have acquired, in the best possible way. These occasions can be competitions, concerts or auditions, sales pitches, job interviews, presentations or any situations where you would like to have all your potential at your disposal in the most effective way.

The training contains practical and useful NLP techniques and exercises that will help the participants to create themselves beneficial mental states for their own peak performances.

In the training we will address, among other things, the following subjects:

– Mental training and positive psychology

– The function and significance of our representational systems

– Goals and their significance for a peak performance

– State of flow and its requirements

– Creating the right mental state:

  • The significance of physiology
  • The significance of mental images
  • The significance of internal dialogue
  • Anchoring of mental states

After the training, the participants will posses skills and tools to create useful and well-serving mental states for their own peak performances.


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