Self-Understanding and Self-Leadership Training

How to recognize your own patterns of thinking and behavior and lead yourself successfully and meaningfully in an ever-changing world? That is a challenge that more and more people struggle with in their daily lives.

This inspiring and motivating training first leads the participants through the principles of how the human mind works to identify their own values. After that, we turn our attention to self leadership and give functional tools to manage and develop your own thinking and, through it, your actions and time management.

The training covers issues such as:

  • The function of the human mind
  • The importance of goals as factors that guide our activities
  • Identifying and utilizing one’s own values as a tool for self-leadership
  • Where our motivation comes from
  • The importance of our emotional states to our actions
  • Getting into the appropriate emotional state
  • Time management and prioritization
  • The importance of beliefs in our actions
  • Action, behavior and results

After the training, the participants will have plenty of new insights into their own thinking and behavior, as well as practical tools for increasing motivation and leading themselves more effectively.