Hack 1: How to Feel Happy

Welcome to the 5 Fast Hacks for a Happier Life Video Series. I’m very excited to share this series with you because I know it works.

Here's  Video #1: How to feel Happy - A Whole New Meaning to the Saying 'Pen Friend'...

This is an easy one

Take an ordinary pen or pencil and simply place it in your mouth sideways 

You should be holding the pen in place with your teeth and this results in the pen holding your lips and cheeks backwards 

Now, try to think unhappy or sad thoughts

Not that easy, is it?

Next, go ahead and access some pleasant thoughts and notice how much easier it is now that your mouth is in a grinning position

Why does this work?

When your mouth and the little muscles around it are sending signals of ‘smile’ or a grin to our brain, it starts immediately producing happiness chemicals

In other words, it changes the chemistry in your brain

So whenever you want to feel good you now know how to make your brain create feel good chemicals

[Tip: You don’t always have to carry a pen or pencil with you!]

You’ll notice that this exercise is a tiny demonstration of the power your physical body has over your mood

Change the shape of your face and feel happier

Feel free to use this liberally throughout every single day of your life

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