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Negative Body Language

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Here's  Video #2: Negative Body Language - A Brand New Poser Is in Town

This is similar to the first one in that we’re going to include your body.

First, take a hunched position, rounding your shoulders, either sitting or standing.

Now allow your your gaze to drift downwards.

At this point try to think happy thoughts.

Not very easy, is it?

Next, change your posture.

Straighten your back.

Pull your shoulders back.

Push your chest slightly out and look upward.

Notice how it is immediately easier to access happy thoughts.

Keep this posture for a few minutes and notice how your perspectives on things have changed.

Why does this work?

Because your body has a feedback loop of nerve signals between your brain.

So when you stimulate signals of positivity your brain responds with positivity.

It has been shown in studies that standing in a ‘Power Pose’ [think of Superman or Wonder Women body positions] for as little as 2 minutes can positively impact interactions.

And when you begin to improve the way you think you begin to improve the quality of your life .

Use this hack immediately, daily and without hesitation.

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