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How to Control Your Thoughts

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Ok here we go, are you ready for Hack #3?

First, think of an unpleasant thought.

Or a memory that you want to stop thinking about for good.

Notice the mental image in your mind that somehow represents that thought.

Notice where that image is located.

For instance, Is it near to you or far away? 

Notice the size of the image. Is it big or small?

Is it a color image or black and white? 

Is it a still image or a video? 

Is there just one image or several images?

Once you’ve paid attention to some of the details of the image, suddenly and rapidly, shrink the size of the image down to that of a small coin and make it totally white.

Then make it totally black.

Then white again. Then black.

Then take that coin size image and blink it between white and black really fast, like a strobe light, for a couple of seconds and then end by leaving it totally white.

Next, take your mind to somewhere else.

For example, think what you’re going to have for lunch tomorrow.

Now, try to feel bad again about the same thought.

You can’t, can you?

If, for some reason you can achieve feeling bad again, simply repeat the above steps until you can’t access the negative feelings anymore.

Lastly, think of something that makes you feel good and keep that feeling.

Why does this work?

Our thoughts are made of mental images, sounds and feelings.

When we change the structure of our thinking (ie. the mental images and sounds).

The meaning of those thoughts changes.

And when the meaning changes, the feelings we have change.

And when you feel different you’ll move and sound different.

Which affects your experiences.

Feel free to practice everywhere you go from this point on. Even when you’re asleep.

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