Hack 4: Positive Words

Welcome to the 5 Fast Hacks for a Happier Life Video Series. I’m very excited to share this series with you because I know it works.

Here's  Video #4: Positive Words - Alphabet Soup for Your Soul

This is a fun little game.

And the aim of the game is to think of two positive words for each letter of the alphabet.

Start with A.

And think of two positive words that start with A [e.g. Amazing and Aimable].

Then think of two words that start with B [e.g. Beautiful, Bliss].

Go through the whole alphabet in this way.

[Note: You may struggle with the letters X and Z so feel free to skip over them or if you do come up with positive words for those letters then email them to me - thanks].

If you’d like to make this exercise even more powerful, write those words down.

Why does this work?

It directs your brain to search for positive things, thus focusing your mind on positive things and generating positive feelings.

Language is extremely powerful - use it wisely.

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