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How to Feel Better About Yourself

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Here's  Video #5: How to Feel Better About Yourself - Positive Anchoring

Here you will build an association with a feeling.

An anchor.

Between an external trigger and good feelings.

After building that association, you’ll be able to fire off those good feelings any time you want.

How’s that for an easy life-hack?

For this, you will need to decide what kind of an anchor you will use.

I suggest that you choose something you can use discreetly anytime you want.

Like gently pressing your fingers together – for example your thumb and middle finger of your left hand.

Next, think of something that makes you feel really good.

This could be a memory, a person, an expectation, a fantasy… 

Whatever makes you feel good.

When you think of that thing, really step into that event or moment when you feel those feelings.

See what you see, hear what you hear, take that body posture, the facial expression… 

The whole works.

And if there are any smells or tastes present, sense them, as well.

When you feel that good feeling in your body, create the anchor by performing the action, in this example pressing your thumb and middle finger together.

Do this for just a second or two while you reach a peak of good feelings.

Then, make the mental image bigger and brighter.

Double that good feeling.

And when you feel the good feeling intensifying, press that anchor again for a second or two.

Next, think of another thing that makes you feel really good and repeat the above steps, anchoring this new good feeling to the same anchor.

After you’ve done that, choose a third thing that makes you feel really good and repeat the above steps.

Anchoring this new good feeling to the same anchor.

Next, take your mind to somewhere else.

For example, think about what you’re going to have for lunch tomorrow.

After thinking of something else for a little while, fire off your anchor and notice how you experience those good feelings just by firing off that anchor.

In the coming days, you can intensify your anchor by pressing it for a second or two every time you feel good.

Make that anchor really strong, so you can use it whenever you want to feel good.

A little tip: In the future, every time you want to access those good feelings, make sure you also change your body posture to that which you used in Hack #2.

Why does this work?

We all already have hundreds, if not thousands, of anchors.

Some are positive, some are negative.

These anchors are neurological conditionings that we have built some time in the past.

For example, you might have a piece of music that makes you feel really good and you might have another piece of music that makes you feel bad.

The same goes with smells, for example: a smell of vomit might make you feel nauseous and a smell of freshly baked cake might make you feel good.

With this hack, you can deliberately build yourself a neurological conditioning system.

One that triggers good feelings in you whenever you want them.

Begin doing this unconsciously as soon as you like.

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