Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP® Training

Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® course is an advanced training for those who have successfully completed the Licensed Practitioner of NLP® training and who want to deepen their NLP skills even further.

In the Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP® training we will dig in even deeper into subjects like strategies, Meta Models and Meta Programs, among several other areas of NLP. In addition to certain advanced special studies, the training is also more tailored to the needs and objectives of the participants.

In this training you will learn even more about the operation of the human mind and how to influence it even more effectively. Your NLP skills will develop to a new level and you will learn to understand things in more versatile ways. You will do and learn plenty of new techniques that will open the world of NLP to you even more widely still.

This training will also take seven full days and all students who successfully complete it will be granted a certificate issued by Dr Richard Bandler and The Society of NLPTM, as a proof of their skills.


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