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In addition to my live trainings, I am committed to assist people in ways that are the most achievable and helpful to them. This means that I am constantly looking for new ways and channels to deliver valuable and helpful information to my clients and customers.


There are two books at the moment available for purchase:

The Little Book of Personal Development, Success and HappinessThe Little Book of Personal Development, Success and Happiness, which is available worldwide on Amazon.


Your Own Blue Ocean Cover

Your Own Blue Ocean , which is also available worldwide on Amazon.

Both of these are also available in Finnish language and they can be ordered here.

Web Trainings

I have two FREE video programs for you:

Happy Mind Happy Life5 Hacks for a Happier Life is a five-day video coaching program that will help you to alter you state of mind to a positive one in an instant.

Achieve Genuine FreedomAchieve Genuine Freedom is a three-day video coaching program that will teach you how to change the way you think and thus have more freedom in how you respond to different situations.

Free Newsletter

Another way for me to help people is to offer a free newsletter to my subscribers. Now, this free newsletter is not another one of those daily spams that you get from some email marketers. I promise that I will only send you a message whenever I think I have something to share that might be of interest to you.

You can sign up for my free newsletter by filling out the form below and by clicking the Subscribe button.


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