Personal Coaching

The objective of Personal Coaching is to assist my individual clients to find their own strengths and to help them achieve success and improvement in their quality of life.

The basis of Personal Coaching are always the client’s own desired outcomes. When the desired outcomes are defined, the coach will assist the client to find the most appropriate thinking models, behaviors, habits, beliefs and strategies that will generate these outcomes.

The ground thought of coaching is that by doing the same things in the same way will only get us the same results. If we want different results, something has to change.

Sometimes even small changes can produce the precise outcomes we are seeking. On other occasions, however, a change in our core beliefs, core values or core strategies is required in order to accomplish a genuine change in our behavior and, as a result, in the factual outcomes we get.

I utilize in myPersonal Coaching many tools and exercises from NLP, which enable remarkably fast and efficient elicitation of the desired change.

Personal Coaching is often utilized, for example, in achievement of the following outcomes:

  • setting and achieving personal goals
  • personal development
  • improving the ability to concentrate
  • getting rid of fears and phobias
  • weight-loss
  • improving general well-being
  • improving self-esteem
  • changing undesired behaviors
  • quitting of smoking
  • increasing mental resources
  • improving performance
  • solving personal crises
  • increasing creativity
  • mind control
  • decision making
  • relaxing
  • changing beliefs
  • envisioning
  • peak performance
  • improving personal efficiency
  • self-guidance
  • social skills…

The list is almost endless. What counts the most is the client’s own desire to develop themselves or their wish to get rid of a redundant habit or limiting belief.

Personal Coaching is reserved for people who want to get better results and be happier.

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