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5 Things You Need to Consider to Make Any Change You Want in Your Life

Your Own Blue Ocean Cover

Ultimate Guide To a happier life

This book will teach you how achieving Your Own Blue Ocean is the result of a few clear steps.

hannu pirilä

Hannu Pirilä is known as one of Finland's leading NLP Trainers and self-development coaches. He has earned a reputation for his productive coaching, which has provided thousands of people with a much better quality of life.

In addition to being a Licensed Trainer of NLP™ and a Licensed NLP™ Coach, Hannu works as a business consultant and business coach. He is also a popular speaker at seminars and other events, as well as a mental coach for athletes. Hannu has helped numerous people with a variety of goals, including getting rid of fears and panic attacks, stop smoking, lose weight and make other significant changes to improve the quality of their life.

Hannu's mission is to coach people and companies for a better life, better mental health and to the success they desire. 

People Love This New Book

Hannu has done something truly special

A new book that gives you, the reader, the tools to change the very direction of your life.  While many of the tools here come from my work, the package of how Hannu has assembled them is both unique and delightful.  He has kept the simplicity I have always striven for and also presented a package for the reader to learn how to look beyond their own limitation to the very horizon of possibility.

Dr. Richard Bandler

Co-founder of NLP, author of more than 30 books and creator of behavioral technologies

Hannu is a gem

Hannu is a team player who knows how to get people to live their full potential, inspiring them to continuously make use of the vast Blue Ocean of opportunity open to all of us. Having worked with Hannu has always been a win win partnership in developing resources people have within them, naturally. He's a gem. Let your resources flow with all the guided wisdom he offers in "Your Own Blue Ocean".

kalliope barlis

International Best selling author, Licensed Master Trainer of NLP® and Producer

The book is a real delight to read

I've now finished Hannu's book Your Own Blue Ocean and I must say, it's a real delight to read. I especially love the Values session and even the simple stuff like how we filter information is clearly and logically explained. All in all, I think this is a great book. I also think it will be perfect for our coaches who do one on one coaching because the section on beliefs is in depth and gives the reader the opportunity to help to thoroughly categorize the belief before helping the client make changes.

chris cummins

Joint Managing Director at OTD Ltd, Master Trainer of NLP®, co-author of The Power Presenter

I definitely recommend this book

Hannu's book leads the reader step by step in a very effective journey towards their goals. Full of examples, exercises and insights that will change your perspective and your attitude about what's possible. It's also a great guideline for coaches who want to have a clear structure in their coaching sessions. I definitely recommend this book.


Master Trainer of NLPTM, co-author of Coach John

Your Own Blue Ocean Cover

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